Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads

Hayden Ritter
26 min readMar 21, 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive roundup of crossbow mechanical broadheads! If you’re a fan of the thrill that crossbow hunting brings, then you’ll want to read on. This article dives deep into the world of mechanical broadheads, exploring their benefits, key features, and top picks in the market. From precision hunting to unmatched accuracy, crossbow mechanical broadheads are setting a new standard in archery equipment. So whether you’re a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, let’s explore together the amazing world of crossbow mechanical broadheads.

The Top 20 Best Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads

  1. Velox CX Terminus 3-Blade Crossbow Broadhead for Enhanced Accuracy — Velox CX Terminus 3-Blade Crossbow Broadhead — High-performance, stainless-steel, hardened-tip broadhead with interlocking system for optimal crossbow performance and devastating precision.
  2. Premium 3-Inch Broadhead with Compact Design — Swhacker 2 Blade — Experience the unmatched precision and effectiveness of the Swhacker 2 Blade Broadhead, designed to seamlessly transition through hide and bones, making it the ultimate choice for hunters seeking a reliable and versatile broadhead.
  3. Rugged, High-Performance Bone Crusher Broadheads — Experience maximum force and versatility with the Dead Ringer Freak Nasty Broadheads — a must-have accessory for any hunting gear collection!
  4. Carbon Express Torrid 100 Expandable Crossbow Broadhead — High Performance Hunting — The Carbon Express Torrid 100 Expandable Crossbow Broadhead is a pack of three high-performance, expandable broadheads, perfect for hunters seeking enhanced accuracy, deep penetration, and maximum performance in any hunting trip.
  5. Precision Crossbow Broadhead with 100 Grain Mechanical Design — Unleash extraordinary stopping power and accuracy with the Excalibur Trailblazer 100 Grain Mechanical Broadhead, meticulously crafted for high-speed crossbows and designed to outperform at long-range distances.
  6. Quiet, Accurate, and Reliable Iron Will S Series Broadheads for Hunting — Discover the perfect combination of precision, reliability, and durability with Iron Will S Series Broadheads — the ultimate choice for once-in-a-lifetime hunts.
  7. High-Power Rocket Broadheads for Ultimate Hunting Success — Maximize your hunting success with the Rage Broadhead Crossbow Hypodermic 125gr, featuring stainless steel hypodermic ferrule design, 035 blade thickness, and the reliable SlipCam rear blade deployment system for superior accuracy and penetration.
  8. Premium Meat Seeker Crossbow Broadheads — 100 Gr. 3 Pack — Rocket Broadheads’ Meat Seeker Crossbow 100 Gr. 3 Pack delivers precision, strength, and deadly effectiveness with superior durability, sharp cutting blades, and a large cutting surface that guarantees deep penetration for crossbow hunting enthusiasts.
  9. Devastatingly Sharp Meat Seeker Barbed Broadheads — Discover the power of the Meat Seeker Broadheads — where durability meets devastating sharpness for ultimate penetration and a seamless, deadly hunting experience.
  10. Field-Point Accurate 100 Grain Broadheads for Crossbows with Lifelore Technology — Sik SK2 100 Grain Crossbow Broadheads 3 Pk offer field-point accuracy with patented FliteLoc Technology and an offset blade design for the ultimate crossbow hunting experience.
  11. Precision Hunting Barbed Broadheads with Offset Blade Design — Experience unrivaled accuracy and superior performance with the SIK SK2 100 Grain Broadhead, featuring patented Filtec Technology and a durable stainless-steel construction.
  12. Field-Point Accurate, Laser-Welded Broadhead for Hunting Excellence — The SIK F4 100 Grain Broadheads, featuring the largest fixed blade broadhead on the market, offer unparalleled accuracy, razor-honed blade angle, and a cutting diameter/surface for increased effectiveness in hunting.
  13. Premium Muzzy ONE Crossbow Broadheads: Bone-Crushing Performance and Easy Resharpening — Mighty ONE Crossbow Broadheads by Muzzy, available in 100 or 125 grain with enhanced accuracy, precision, and dependability, perfect for any bowhunter’s needs.
  14. Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads: Ultimate Hunting Essential for 100 & 125 Grain Needs — Experience ultimate precision and efficiency with the Swhacker Crossbow Broadhead, the market-leading choice for flawless penetration and cutting power.
  15. Heavy Duty Bone Crushing Broadhead for Crossbow — Unleash precision and power with the Muzzie Trocar HBX 100gr Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead, featuring surgically sharp stainless steel blades, an expandable cutting diameter, and a bone-crushing chisel tip in a standard or crossbow model.
  16. Evolution of Lethal Rear Deploying Archery Broadheads — Stryke Vapor Broadheads: Lethal, Lifelike, and Accurate Performance — Ideal for Takedowns with Bows or Crossbows
  17. Quality Handcrafted Dr Ashby Broadhead for Outdoor Adventures — Experience the precision and durability of the Tooth of The Arrow Broadhead, a 4-blade masterpiece crafted for unrelenting impact.
  18. Spikefire Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead with Patented Features — Unleash bone-crunching precision with the Spitfire Broadhead 3-pack — the ultimate mechanical crossbow broadhead for reliable and superior accuracy.
  19. High-Speed Mechanical Broadhead for Accurate Hunting — Experience unmatched accuracy and reliability with the Crossbow Slingblade Mechanical Broadhead, featuring a rugged design, 1 7/8 cutting diameter, and never-opening blades for optimal performance in any hunting condition.
  20. Ramcat Fixed Broadheads: Precision, Speed, and Deadly Accuracy — Experience unmatched accuracy and deep penetration with the Ramcat 100gr Crossbow Broadhead (3 Pack), featuring an innovative Airfoil System and Firenock Aero Concentric Technology for field point accuracy and unrivaled damage.


Velox CX Terminus 3-Blade Crossbow Broadhead for Enhanced Accuracy


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Allen CX Terminus Three Blade Crossbow Broadhead, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. This broadhead’s exceptional design truly makes a difference, particularly when used with a crossbow.

The razor-sharp stainless-steel blades and hardened steel chisel tip made a significant impact, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. The aircraft aluminum ferrule added a layer of durability, ensuring that the broadhead could handle even the toughest hunting scenarios. As someone who has used various broadheads, I can confidently say that the Velox CX Terminus Three Blade Crossbow Broadhead is a game-changer.

Its cutting diameter of 1–3/8 inches and 125-grain weight make it a powerful tool for any hunter. Overall, I highly recommend this broadhead for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient hunting companion.

Premium 3-Inch Broadhead with Compact Design — Swhacker 2 Blade


As a hunter, I’ve always been on the lookout for the perfect broadhead. That’s exactly why I was excited to try the Swhacker 2 Blade Broadhead. Upon receiving the package, I was impressed with the compact design and the two sets of razor-sharp cutting edges. It was easy to install on my arrows and felt solid, making me confident in its performance.

The first set of edges were perfect for cutting through hide and ribs during practice. I could really feel the precision and power of the Swhacker. Shooting it at my target, I was amazed at how quickly and accurately it could penetrate.

When it came to actual hunting, the Swhacker truly proved itself. I managed to drop a doe at 20 yards, thanks to the broadhead’s reliable and devastating effectiveness. The broadhead clipped a rib bone on entry, causing a massive exit wound. Though I did lose some meat due to the impact, I couldn’t deny the impressive performance of the Swhacker.

However, there were a few issues that I encountered. The packaging could be improved, as one of the broadheads arrived open and rattled in shipping. Additionally, the customer service left a lot to be desired, with a delayed and reluctant response to a simple issue.

Despite these minor setbacks, I am overall satisfied with the Swhacker 2 Blade Broadhead. Its impressive performance and compact design make it a top choice for hunters seeking the perfect broadhead. With a bit of improvement in packaging and customer service, this broadhead could become the ultimate go-to for hunters everywhere.

Rugged, High-Performance Bone Crusher Broadheads


I recently had the chance to try out these Dead Ringer Freak Nasty Broadheads 3 Pack, and let me tell you, they lived up to their name. The variable fixed/mechanical hybrid head was a game-changer — it allowed me to choose between a fixed blade for practice and a hybrid blade for hunting. The patented SBT blade-retention system was a breeze to use, making the switch between the two different blade styles a seamless experience.

What truly impressed me was the durability of these broadheads. The T-6 aluminum ferrules and case-hardened stainless steel Trocar tips ensured that they held up well during my shooting sessions. But, the best part was when I finally got the chance to test them out on a hunting trip. The massive exit wounds, created by the broadheads, proved to be an absolute bone crusher. I truly appreciated the flight-perfect and deadly sharp nature of these bad boys.

While there were no significant downsides to these broadheads that I encountered, I did notice that they were slightly heavier than my usual target points. However, this didn’t seem to affect their accuracy in the slightest.

Overall, the Dead Ringer Freak Nasty Broadheads 3 Pack proved to be an excellent investment for any hunter looking for a reliable and lethal set of broadheads. The combination of convenience, durability, and deadly efficiency made these broadheads a must-have in my hunting gear.

Carbon Express Torrid 100 Expandable Crossbow Broadhead — High Performance Hunting


Experience the thrill and convenience of the Torrid 100 Crossbow Broadhead, a top choice for avid hunters looking for enhanced accuracy and performance. Made from durable materials like aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule, this broadhead stands out for its impressive bone-crushing lead blade that boasts a 1.5-inch cutting diameter. The cutting blades, at 0.031 inches thick, are designed to deliver deep penetration with each shot, ensuring exceptional results.

Suitable for use with both carbon and aluminum crossbows, this versatile broadhead is perfect for your next hunting excursion. This 3-pack offer guarantees you’ll always have the right tool for the job, backed by the confidence and precision that Carbon Express broadheads are renowned for.

Precision Crossbow Broadhead with 100 Grain Mechanical Design


Imagine taking a crossbow shot at a deer, only for it to run less than 20 yards away! That’s the excitement Excalibur Trailblazer 100 grains can bring to the table. Crafted by the same team behind Excalibur’s X-Act and Bolt Cutter, the Trailblazer’s massive blood trail never disappoints.

I remember my first attempt with a three-pack of these. I decided to practice on a foam target at 20 yards. On my first shot, the tip bent, making it useless for hunting. Though I still have two left, the excitement remains — along with a bit of disappointment. Despite this setback, I admired how the projectile hit the same mark as the fieldpoint.

My next deer hunt in the fall proved to be a breakthrough. Using the Trailblazers, the shop placement was right on, and the deer dropped within 20 yards. One blade was missing, yet it still worked incredibly well. The blood trail was unbelievable, an attribute that many fellow hunters also praised.

The key to success is all about accuracy. The Trailblazer delivers like a charm. Compared to my previous swackers, it was a game-changer. The buck in my sights was down within 100 yards. No more complaining about poor performance with my bow.

Excalibur Trailblazers are a must for crossbow hunters. The massive blood trail they provide has been unparalleled in my experience. Sure, it’s expensive. But the unmatched experience it offers is well worth the price. As for the reusability, it’s an added bonus. The Trailblazer has proven to be an impressive choice for any hunter, especially for those in search of an edge.

Quiet, Accurate, and Reliable Iron Will S Series Broadheads for Hunting


Iron Will S Series Broadheads from Iron Will Outfitters have been a reliable companion in my hunting expeditions. The quiet flight and long-range accuracy of these broadheads ensure that I can take my shots without alerting the game, significantly increasing my chances of a successful hunt. The precision engineering also ensures that my arrows hit their mark with great impact, making the broadheads a sturdy and effective choice.

One drawback I faced was the edge retention. Despite the impressive sharpness and durability, the edges of the broadheads needed to be maintained, which could prove troublesome during my adventurous hunts. However, I could rely on their performance for once-in-a-lifetime encounters when it mattered the most.

High-Power Rocket Broadheads for Ultimate Hunting Success


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Rage Hypodermic 2-Blade Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads and I must say, the experience was mixed. The main highlights of the product are its stainless steel hypodermic ferrule, 035 blade thickness, and high energy series shock collar that ensures proper deployment.

On a positive note, the broadhead’s aerodynamic one-piece steel ferrule and hybrid tip design provided pinpoint accuracy and reliable results when it came to penetration. The compact design of the broadhead was a welcome addition, as it was easy to store and transport.

However, I also experienced some negatives using this product. The durability of the blades left something to be desired, as they were not as robust as I would have liked. In a few instances, the blades did not deploy as expected during testing, causing inconsistency in the results.

Overall, the Rage Hypodermic 2-Blade Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads have promising features, but they could be improved upon to deliver more consistent and reliable results.

Premium Meat Seeker Crossbow Broadheads — 100 Gr. 3 Pack


I recently had the chance to try out the Meat Seeker Crossbow Broadhead, and I must say, it lived up to its name. With its large 2" cutting diameter and a 3.09" cutting surface area, this broadhead makes quick work of any prey, ensuring a clean and efficient kill. The tip is incredibly durable and strong, and the unique rotating head design ensures complete deployment and deep penetration.

However, I also encountered a few minor drawbacks. The broadhead is on the heavier side at 0.2 oz, which may require some adjustments to my crossbow’s settings. Additionally, I found that the broadhead’s sharp blades could be a bit more refined for an even more lethal strike.

Overall, the Meat Seeker Crossbow Broadhead is a powerful and efficient option for hunters using crossbows. Its unique features and impressive cutting capability make it a top choice for those looking to make the most out of their hunting adventures.

Devastatingly Sharp Meat Seeker Barbed Broadheads


Ah, the Meat Seeker, a broadhead with a name that speaks the truth. I had the pleasure of trying these babies out on a recent hunting trip, and I must say, they lived up to their billing.

First things first, the cutting diameter is impressive, slicing through game like a hot knife through butter. The Piston Action deployment is smooth and reliable, ensuring a perfect shot every single time. The rotating head design not only looks cool but also penetrates deeply, making it a lethal weapon in the hands of a hunter.

However, as with all tools of this nature, there are some drawbacks to consider. You won’t get more than one use out of a blade, which can be a downside if you’re looking to economize. And let’s be real, the name “Meat Seeker” might not be as effective if you’re not particularly skilled in the art of hunting.

All in all, if you’re a hunter with a steady hand and you’re not overly concerned about the cost of replacement blades, then the Meat Seeker Broadhead is a devastatingly effective tool in your arsenal. Just remember to shoot with precision, or even the best weapons will be less than effective.

Field-Point Accurate 100 Grain Broadheads for Crossbows with Lifelore Technology


Introducing the SK2 CB broadhead, designed specifically for crossbows, and crafted with the utmost precision. The Lifelore Technology ensures that the Offset Blade Design deploys seamlessly on impact, leaving a devastating 2-inch entry wound and a cutting surface of 3.625 inches.

I gave these broadheads a shot in my recent hunting expedition, and I must say, they performed exceptionally well. The patented FliteLoc Technology guaranteed that my arrow stayed closed while in flight, and the broadhead opened up perfectly upon impact. The entry and exit wounds were indeed impressive, and the blood trail was a clear indication that these bad boys work their magic. The crossbow was field-point accurate, which allowed for an incredible level of precision when aiming at my target.

Now, these broadheads are not without their minor cons. They might be a bit heavier than other options on the market, but the added weight offers a sense of security for the hunter knowing that the broadhead is less likely to veer off course.

In conclusion, the SIK SK2 100 Grain Crossbow Broadheads are a fantastic choice for crossbow enthusiasts looking for a reliable and powerful broadhead. With their signature Offset Blade Design and field-point accuracy, these broadheads are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to use them.

Precision Hunting Barbed Broadheads with Offset Blade Design


As a hunter, I was eager to try out the SIK SK2 broadheads after hearing numerous praises from avid hunters. I must say, these broadheads have exceeded my expectations! I was impressed by the offset blades that offer optimal performance for any hunting situation. The stainless-steel construction also adds to the durability of these broadheads, making them a reliable choice.

One notable aspect of these broadheads that I appreciated was their ability to fit virtually any arrow, quiver, or broadhead box. This convenience is a game-changer, especially for hunters like myself who need their equipment to be versatile and adaptable.

Furthermore, the plastic snap holder ensures both the blade and the user’s safety, adding another layer of confidence when using these broadheads. The broadheads’ design is well thought out, making it a top choice for those seeking the perfect combination of performance and safety.

However, I did notice the broadheads requiring a bit of extra attention when it comes to tightening the blades to avoid them going past the stop. It would be great if the manufacturer provided clearer instructions on how to address this issue.

In conclusion, the SIK SK2 broadheads have proven themselves to be a reliable and effective choice for hunters. Despite the issue with tightening the blades, these broadheads have made a huge impact on my hunting experience, and I highly recommend them to fellow hunters seeking a top-quality expandable broadhead.

Field-Point Accurate, Laser-Welded Broadhead for Hunting Excellence


I had the opportunity to test out the SIK F4 100 Grain Broadheads on a recent hunting trip. These fixed blade broadheads really stood out in terms of accuracy and durability. They include four blades and a laser-welded stainless steel construction that gave them a solid feel. One of the features that impressed me the most was the 27-degree razor-honed blade angle which produced a seamless cut through the target.

In terms of performance, the SIK F4 broadheads did not disappoint. They produced a cutting diameter and surface that were both impressive, allowing me to make a clean and precise shot on my target. However, there were a couple of downsides to using this product. Firstly, they emitted a whistling noise as they flew through the air which was a bit startling. Secondly, I found that they didn’t quite match the accuracy of my field points right out of the box, but with a little adjustment, they soon became just as accurate.

Overall, my experience with the SIK F4 100 Grain Broadheads was mostly positive. They proved to be incredibly durable and accurate, especially when used for hunting. Despite the small pitfalls, I would definitely recommend these broadheads to anyone looking for a powerful and reliable fixed blade option.

Premium Muzzy ONE Crossbow Broadheads: Bone-Crushing Performance and Easy Resharpening


As a passionate crossbow hunter, I have had the chance to try the Muzzy ONE Crossbow Broadheads, a one-piece marvel created by Muzzy. The solid stainless steel ferrule, along with precision-positioned vents, made the broadhead fly with incredible accuracy, as Muzzy is known for. The three deadly blades provided the perfect penetrating power against tough big game animals.

However, the product did come with a small inconvenience; the blades had machine burring marks on the cutting edge at first. Fortunately, I managed to sharpen them up to razor sharpness on a flat sharpening stone. Despite this minor setback, the one-piece construction was impressive and well-engineered, offering a reliable and hassle-free experience.

In summary, the Muzzy ONE Crossbow Broadheads offer exceptional performance and accuracy, made even better by the dependability of their one-piece design. Although the blades did require a bit of additional care to obtain optimal sharpness, it’s a small price to pay for the incredible results this broadhead delivered in the field.

Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads: Ultimate Hunting Essential for 100 & 125 Grain Needs


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Swhacker Crossbow broadheads, and I must say, they lived up to the hype. As a seasoned crossbow hunter, I’ve used my fair share of broadheads on various game, but these Swhacker 150 gr 3-inch broadheads truly stood out.

What really got my attention was the unique design of the broadheads. They come with two separate sets of razor-sharp cutting edges, perfect for slicing through hide and ribs as well as penetrating deep into target tissues. The compact design also made them easy to handle, even when I was wearing gloves in the field.

One highlight I experienced was the devastating exit wound these broadheads created. The animals I brought down showed very little sign of struggle, and the blood trail was short and easy to follow. I was genuinely impressed by the sheer efficiency of these broadheads in taking down my prey.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I faced. Despite the 150-grain weight, I found that these broadheads seemed relatively light and required a bit more force to deploy fully. Additionally, I noticed that the broadheads had a tendency to over-penetrate, causing my shot to become obscured in the animal’s body.

Overall, the Swhacker Crossbow broadheads provide a reliable and efficient hunting experience. Their unique design and cutting potential make them a great addition to any crossbow hunter’s arsenal. Though they aren’t perfect, their pros far outweigh the cons in my book.

Heavy Duty Bone Crushing Broadhead for Crossbow


As a hunting enthusiast, I’ve tried my fair share of broadheads, and the Trocar HBX Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead from Muzzy stands out among them. These bad boys are designed to fly like a field point and be accurate, which is exactly what you want when you’re aiming for a deer or wild boar. The surgically sharp stainless steel mechanical blades stay tucked in tight to the solid-steel ferrule in flight, but they deploy reliably with an expandable cutting diameter.

The offset fixed blades on this crossbow broadhead are something else. They’re 0.035-inch thick, and the cutting diameter is 1 inch. The offset feature allows for increased accuracy and stability, which is crucial when you’re aiming for a moving target. I found that these broadheads are excellent for hunting in various terrains, including wooded areas and open fields.

One thing that stands out is the steel ferrule with a chisel tip. It’s bone-crushing, which is just what you need when you’re going for the bone-crushing kill. The cutting diameter is impressive, too, with a total of 2 5/8 inches. The crossbow model is perfect for those who use crossbows, and the standard model is great for those who prefer compound bows.

But no product is perfect, and the Trocar HBX Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead has its downsides as well. Some users have reported issues with the expanding blades not opening as expected, which can be frustrating when you’re in the heat of the moment. Also, the blades seem to get dull quickly, which means you’ll have to sharpen them often.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the Trocar HBX Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead to anyone looking for a reliable, accurate, and bone-crushing broadhead for their hunting expeditions. It’s a product that has proven its worth in my own hunting experiences, and I’m confident it will do the same for others.

Evolution of Lethal Rear Deploying Archery Broadheads


The Stryke Vapor Rear Deploying Broadheads are the perfect addition to any archer’s quiver. They’re lightweight without sacrificing strength, making them easy to handle during intense hunting sessions. One of the first things I noticed about these broadheads was their Slide and Slice design, which creates a cutting diameter of two inches. This feature makes tracking your prey much easier, leaving a more noticeable blood trail that’s easier to follow.

Another great feature is the pack’s inclusion of six O-rings that are designed to lock the blades into place. This ensures that your arrow accuracy won’t be compromised while these broadheads are in flight. However, the only downside is the rapid consumption of these O-rings; you’ll need to keep a spare set handy.

Overall, the Stryke Vapor Broadheads are a powerful and well-designed tool for use in hunting or any archery competition. They work like an extension of your hunting prowess, delivering swift, deadly accuracy and tracking capabilities. It’s no wonder they’re the weapon of choice for many expert archers.

Quality Handcrafted Dr Ashby Broadhead for Outdoor Adventures


During an afternoon in the wilderness, I took my trusty Bow and Arrow for a spin, trying out the Tooth of The Arrow 100 Grain 4 Blade 3 Pack. My first impression was its sleek design, but what really stood out was the smooth 45-degree edge on all 4 blades. It was like cutting through butter — or rather, straight through my hunting targets!

The sturdiness of the single-piece broadhead was also impressive. Despite several impacts against tree barks and getting a few scratches from rocks, it still retained its pristine condition, proving that it can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions without getting dulled down.

One downside was its louder sound compared to field points when it flew through the air. But other than that, it worked flawlessly for me, just like a well-oiled machine. And when it came to penetration, these bad boys lived up to their name. I had to be careful — they were so sharp that they went through my targets with incredible precision, resulting in a few “oops” moments!

Overall, my experience with the Tooth of The Arrow was nothing short of satisfying. Its durability and precision made it a perfect match for my hunting escapades, and I’m looking forward to continuing my quest for the perfect shot with these by my side.

Spikefire Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead with Patented Features


This roundup review is for the New Archery Products Mechanical Crossbow Spitfire Broadhead — 3 pack. In my personal experience, this broadhead performed exceptionally well and offered a variety of features that made it stand out among other crossbow broadheads.

One of the most striking aspects of this broadhead was its patented ferrule, which ensured superior flight in even the fastest crossbow. This feature minimized any potential drag, allowing the broadhead to maintain its cutting power and effectiveness upon impact. Additionally, the broadhead’s patented Trophy Tip point proved to be an efficient and potent force when it came to penetration. The micro Grooved ferrule decreased drag significantly, making the broadhead an excellent choice for crossbow hunters seeking reliability and accuracy.

However, there were a couple of downsides to using this broadhead. Firstly, I noticed that in certain instances, the broadhead seemed to be affected by the broadhead opening in flight, resulting in less optimal performance. Secondly, some users reported minor dissatisfaction with the accuracy of the broadhead when compared to field points, although this seemed to vary depending on the individual’s setup and preferences.

Despite these minor setbacks, the New Archery Products Mechanical Crossbow Spitfire Broadhead proved to be a highly effective and reliable choice for my crossbow hunting needs. The combination of its patented ferrule and Trophy Tip point made it a worthy investment and a reliable option for those seeking exceptional accuracy and performance from their broadheads.

High-Speed Mechanical Broadhead for Accurate Hunting


I recently tried using the Crossbow Slingblade 2 for my hunting expeditions, and let me tell you, this product did not disappoint. The crossbow mechanicals are simple and rugged, which is perfect for all kinds of hunting conditions I might encounter.

One of the standout features for me was the large 1 7/8 cutting diameter. It offers massive entrance and exit wounds, allowing for huge blood trails that are easy to follow.

However, there was one downside to my experience. While the blades were great at staying locked down, I noticed that the broadhead itself tends to bend during hunting if the targeted deer happens to escape.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the Crossbow Slingblade 2. It’s incredibly accurate at any range, and the unique design ensures the blades will never open in the air, regardless of the speed of my bow or crossbow.

Ramcat Fixed Broadheads: Precision, Speed, and Deadly Accuracy


I recently tried the Ramcat 100gr Crossbow Broadhead, a product that claims to be the most accurate and deepest penetrating fixed blade broadhead in the world. I have to admit, I was impressed with its airfoil design that allows for flight similar to a field point. The offset blades were definitely sharp, and I appreciated the back-cut feature for dual sharpness.

However, I did encounter a few issues. First, I found the weight of the broadhead to be a bit heavy, which affected my overall accuracy. Second, the blades did seem to come loose sometimes, which was a bit concerning.

Overall, I think the Ramcat 100gr Crossbow Broadhead is a strong contender for those looking for a durable and accurate fixed blade broadhead. While it had a few minor flaws, its deep penetration and impressive flight path made it a standout option in my book.

Buyer’s Guide

Crossbows are a popular choice for hunters and sport enthusiasts alike. When it comes to using crossbows for hunting, one essential accessory is the mechanical broadhead. These broadheads are designed to penetrate deeply into the target, ensuring a clean and humane kill. In this guide, we’ll go over the key features, considerations, and advice for choosing the best mechanical broadheads for your crossbow.


Important Features to Consider

Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to understand the key features that set apart high-quality mechanical broadheads from their lower-quality counterparts. Here are the most important factors to consider when selecting a mechanical broadhead for your crossbow:

  1. Build and Material Quality: The broadhead’s construction should be strong and durable to withstand the energy of the crossbow’s shot. Look for materials such as steel or titanium, and make sure the broadhead is designed to be rust-resistant.

Types of Broadheads

There are three main types of mechanical broadheads widely used in hunting and sporting applications:

  1. Fixed-blade: These broadheads have a single, solid blade that is deployed upon impact. They are known for their sharpness and reliability but may require regular maintenance and care. 2. Expandable: These broadheads feature a blade that is initially folded in but expands upon impact. This design provides a larger wound channel and allows for better penetration. 3. Hybrid: Hybrid broadheads combine the best features of both fixed-blade and expandable broadheads, offering a balance between sharpness, penetration, and versatility.

Fitting and Compatibility

Ensuring that your mechanical broadhead is properly fitted on your crossbow is essential for its performance. Check your crossbow manufacturer’s specifications for the ideal broadhead size and weight. Additionally, pay attention to the broadhead’s design and shape, as some may fit better on certain crossbow styles or configurations. Be sure to consult with the broadhead manufacturer or a seasoned crossbow user for guidance on proper fitting and compatibility.

Gauging the Right Broadhead Speed

The speed at which your crossbow fires plays a crucial role in the performance of your mechanical broadhead. Faster crossbows require broadheads with more advanced technology and engineering. In general, high-speed crossbows can benefit from lighter, aerodynamic broadheads with a low profile and fewer moving parts. Consider your crossbow’s velocity and choose a broadhead that is designed to optimize performance at your specific speed. Consult with the broadhead manufacturer or a professional crossbow user for assistance in selecting the appropriate broadhead for your crossbow.



What are Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads?

Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads are arrows specifically designed for use with crossbows. They are equipped with a mechanical tip that opens upon impact, causing greater damage to the target and ensuring a quicker kill. These broadheads are often made of steel, aluminum, or brass, providing strength and durability.

Mechanical broadheads are an ideal choice for hunters who seek a high level of penetration and accuracy while hunting larger game like deer, elk, and wild boar. They are also suitable for target shooting and 3D archery competitions where precision and efficiency are essential factors to consider. The mechanical action of the broadhead ensures that it expands instantly upon contact with the target, maximizing the point of impact and providing a better chance for a clean shot.


What are the benefits of using Mechanical Broadheads over fixed blade broadheads?

Mechanical broadheads offer several advantages over fixed blade broadheads. Firstly, they provide greater penetration due to their expandable design, which allows for more surface area in contact with the target, ensuring a cleaner shot and deeper penetration. This makes them more effective, particularly when hunting larger game species.

Secondly, mechanical broadheads are highly accurate. The design of the broadhead ensures that it maintains its original shape in flight, which, coupled with the accuracy of the crossbow, enables the hunter to place the arrow right where they want it to go. Additionally, the expandable tip reduces the likelihood of over-penetration or ricocheting off the target, minimizing the chance of injury to non-target animals or property damage.

Are there different types of Mechanical Broadheads available?

Yes, there are various types of mechanical broadheads on the market, each with its unique features and design characteristics. Some common types include: Expandable Broadheads, which use a spring mechanism or hinged design to open, and Cut-On-Contact Broadheads, which automatically expand upon striking the target. There are also hybrid models that combine the features of both expandable and cut-on-contact broadheads.

Most mechanical broadheads come in different sizes, ranging from 3-blade to 6-blade designs, and can be made of materials such as steel, brass, or aluminum. Hunters can choose the type and size best suited to their needs, hunting conditions, and target species. It is essential to consider factors like the type of game, speed of the crossbow, and the distance of the shot when selecting the right mechanical broadhead for your hunting or shooting experiences.


How do I install Mechanical Broadheads onto my Crossbow arrows?

To install mechanical broadheads onto your crossbow arrows, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the nock from the tip of the arrow. 2. Apply thread locking compound to the broadhead’s threads and insert it into the nocking point on the arrow. 3. Secure the broadhead by tightening the arrows’ nut, ensuring it’s snug and won’t come loose during use. 4. Test the arrow for proper attachment and balance.

It is crucial to ensure a secure attachment by properly tightening the arrow’s nut to prevent any loosening or detachment during the shot. Additionally, check the balance of the arrow before use to ensure a stable and accurate shot. It is recommended to practice installing and using mechanical broadheads before engaging in actual hunting or shooting activities.

What are the maintenance requirements for Mechanical Broadheads?

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of mechanical broadheads. After each use, inspect the broadhead for signs of wear and tear, such as bent or damaged blades, and replace any damaged parts promptly. Ensure that they are free from debris, rust, or other contaminants.

Regular cleaning and lubrication of the mechanical system also help maintain the smooth operation of the broadhead. Use a high-quality lubricant designed specifically for archery equipment to avoid damaging the broadhead or voiding the warranty. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning, lubricating, and storing your crossbow mechanical broadheads to ensure they remain in top condition for future use.

What are some popular brands of Mechanical Broadheads?

There are several well-known brands of crossbow mechanical broadheads, including:

  1. Ravin Crossbow Arrows by Ravin Crossbows 2. Arbor Apex Crossbow Arrows by Arbor Archery 3. Tenpoint Pro Elite Crossbow Arrows by Tenpoint Archery 4. Carbon Express SuperHunter MEGA Broadhead 5. Gold Tip Arrow by Gold Tip Archery 6. Easton Hemo Z and Hemo Z XT Crossbow Broadheads by Easton Archery.

These brands offer a range of mechanical broadheads designed for various hunting and shooting applications. Hunters should consider factors such as price, durability, and performance when selecting the right mechanical broadhead for their crossbow. Researching user reviews and recommendations can also provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of these brands and their products.